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The Society of Sports Therapists, Connect Health and the NHS - A Team for Success

The Society of Sports Therapists Communications Group has recently undertaken a project to develop a series of podcasts relevant to The Society of Sports Therapists and its Members. The very first podcast highlights an exciting new collaboration between the Society and Connect Health, one of the UK’s largest providers of therapists to NHS Trusts.

Ashley Jones, Secretary of the Communications Group of The Society of Sports Therapists organised the podcast and conducted the interview. The team from Connect Health comprised of Andrew Walton, Connect Health’s Executive Chair, Dr Graeme Wilkes Medical Director, Lisa Davidson HR Director and Sports Therapist Nayim Abusag. Connect Health hosted the event at their headquarters in Newcastle and Professor Graham N. Smith, Chairman of The Society of Sports Therapists also took part in the podcast.

The Society has been working in collaboration with Connect Health, to develop job opportunities and a career pathway for Society Members within the NHS and Professor Smith has been at the forefront of this work. He said:

‘Andrew Walton approached me to find out more about Sports Therapists. He had been told about them by colleagues as he was looking for practitioners who could fulfil specific roles in rehabilitation and delivery of exercise. It did not take long to convince him that Graduate Sports Therapists from Society accredited programmes were what he needed.

‘This then led to a series of meetings between Andrew, his team and me, not only to look at the concept of employing Graduate Sports Therapists in an NHS environment but to address some of the issues and challenges that this innovative model could provoke. To say that there were several frank exchanges would indeed be true, but I do believe that these discussions and meetings have resulted in what we as an organisation, believe to be both an exciting and valuable contribution to the Health Service and Connect Health.

‘The Society is proud of this collaboration and the opportunities that Andrew and his team are now offering Graduate Sports Therapists.’

The podcast gives an overview of how Graduate Sports Therapists have become an integral part of the Connect Health philosophy. It also highlights some of the challenges that had to be overcome, as well as hearing from someone who, along with other Sports Therapy colleagues, is delivering an outstanding service that has been very much recognised and applauded. Their story clearly illustrates the opportunities that are there and increasing, for Sports Therapists who meet the criteria that both Connect Health and The Society of Sports Therapists expect.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Posted: 27 04 2018

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