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Time to Act Our Age!

Following the 2018 Society of Sports Therapists University Forum, I was asked by a colleague “if there was one thing for me to take away from the event what would it be?” My response was not only immediate, but related to a comment made by one of the speakers during his presentation, namely “you are not a young profession and you must stop thinking that you are.”

That one statement suddenly put a lot of things into perspective for me. He was right! Sports Therapy is not a young profession. The Society of Sports Therapists is 28 years old. Furthermore, the first group of Graduates from the inaugural Sports Therapy degree programme at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan University) will, next year, celebrate 20 years since graduation. Consequently, this one statement began to clarify so many things for me.

The Society of Sports Therapists is now a mature, established professional body. Graduate Sports Therapists have been making their mark both professionally and academically for almost 30 years. They have not just arrived on the scene.  More importantly, it is now unequivocally a Graduate profession. I am also frequently and pleasantly surprised by the number of Members who have progressed to achieving either Masters qualifications or PhDs, or both. This is yet another example of the maturity of both the profession and The Society of Sports Therapists.

So what’s my message? That’s simple – The Society of Sports Therapists is no longer a fledgling organisation. With 25 universities running 32 academic programmes accredited by the Society, it is time to recognise the knowledge, skills, training and expertise of these Graduates. Importantly, Members should therefore be proud of what they have achieved and how far the Society has come during this time.

So, in conclusion, a big thank you to that speaker for not only his profound statement, but also for initiating a focus and clarity with regard to my own perceptions of time.  It was a statement that clearly told us to “act our age!”

Posted: October 10 2018
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