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Background and Aims


The Society of Sports Therapists was established in 1990 to address the growing demands from sport and leisure on everyone involved in the management and care of injured participants. The Society’s Founder Members sought to create a membership organisation that would standardise and monitor the provision and availability of support services. Equally with the rise in the number of incidents requiring immediate "lifesaving" first aid techniques, the Society also aimed to ensure that adequate, effective and appropriate training courses were provided and monitored.

The Society of Sports Therapists still remains true to those aims today and has made huge strides since 1990.  It now collaborates with 25 universities, including two internationally and accredits 32 academic Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

The Society is the lead organisation for Sports Therapists in the UK and strives to continually raise standards in the profession.

The Aims of The Society of Sports Therapists

  • To provide a professional body for Sports Therapists that will monitor and give advice on all matters pertaining to Sports Therapy.
  • To accredit nationally recognised educational qualifications, as a prerequisite for membership.
  • To provide comprehensive medical malpractice and public liability insurance, for Members.
  • To provide a platform for Members to further their knowledge, careers and academic or therapeutic ambitions.
  • To lobby legislative and educational organisations to ensure that the protection of both the public and Members is addressed by national registration and regulation.
  • To advise regulatory, political, legal, judicial and sporting bodies and organisations on all matters pertaining to Sports Therapy and Sports Therapists.
Posted: September 09 2013
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