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Injury Management Guidelines

Part 1 : Acute Injury

This interactive document will give you the appropriate management guidelines for an Acute Injury. Individuals can often be confused as to whether their injury is Acute or Chronic. It is important to understand the difference as they need to be treated in different ways. So here is an easy way to remember:
Acute Injury is a one off injury with a distinct mechanism of trauma eg twisting your ankle.
Chronic Injury is a longstanding problem or one subjected to repetitive injury

Follow the interactive questionnaire in Part 1 to find out more about your injury.
If your symptoms are not extreme or severe Part 2 will give you information on what to do in the early stages of an Acute Injury. Follow these steps and they will help speed up the recovery process.

Do You Have An Acute Injury?

Part 2 : Acute Injury Immediate Management

Understand the different stages to recovery


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