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Dale Forsdyke Highlights the Significance of Psychosocial Factors in the Sports Injury Process

Society Member Dale Forsdyke is undoubtedly establishing a name for himself in the world of research in the field of Sport & Exercise Medicine. While much research work is based around the physical healing aspects of the sports injury, Dale’s main focus is looking at how psychosocial factors are related to the sports injury process. He has just had another piece of research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine(BJSM): ‘ Psychological readiness to return to sport: three key elements to help the practitioner decide whether the athlete is REALLY ready?’ You can access this piece of work via the Members’ research area of the Society’s website.

Dale, a Senior Lecturer in Sports Injury Management at York St John University is currently undertaking a PhD, looking at sports injury rehabilitation in elite female soccer players. Dale’s academic life dovetails well with his applied practitioner life as he is also working as Head of Science and Medicine in a Tier 1 Regional Talent Club, and working for the Football Association as a Physical Performance Coach.

Back in February last year Dale had the following piece of research published in BJSM: ‘Psychosocial factors associated with outcomes of sports injury rehabilitation in competitive athletes: a mixed studies systematic review’. You can also access this piece of work via the Members’ area of the website and we have also added  an infographic of his work from the superb Yann Le Meur.

Dale’s area of expertise is proving to be of great interest in a variety of different areas and he has been invited to speak at the ‘Running 2017  Conference – ‘Practical Injury Management in Running Sports 'Ready to Run?'. The conference on March 22nd at the Kettering Conference Centre, Northants  is an  educational event for professionals involved in the training, performance and rehabilitation of runners. Dale’s talk is entitled:  ‘Rehabilitating the athlete not just the injury:  Psychological aspects of running injury rehabilitation’

Editor’s Note
We wrote about Dale back in 2014 and it is great to see how Dale has pushed on with his career finding a great balance combining the practical application of his skills with his clear desire to produce quality research. You can read the previous article here

Posted: 07 04 2017

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