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Member Benefits

Membership of a professional organisation and appropriate and adequate insurance is something that all practitioners should ensure they have.  However, it is hoped that Members will not actually require many of the intangible but imperative benefits that membership gives. 

In joining The Society of Sports Therapists, the lead organisation for Sports Therapists in the UK, here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy are as follows:

1.Protect and Serve Its Members

The role of any professional body, including The Society of Sports Therapists, is to protect and serve its Members.  It is hoped that many of the services offered and provided by the Society will not necessarily be required by Members.  These include legal support and fitness to practise issues which, thankfully, may only affect a small number of members in any membership year.

2.Lobbying and Representing the Profession

Professional organisations are also responsible for lobbying and representing the profession.   Officers and Members of The Society of Sports Therapists spend a significant amount of time in undertaking these roles and responsibilities.

3.Professional Malpractice & Public Liability Insurance

The Society of Sports Therapists provides Professional Malpractice & Public Liability Insurance as a service to those Members who are eligible.  More importantly, the insurance offered by The Society of Sports Therapists is not compulsory and it is possible to be a Member (Uninsured) on the provision that the Member can show evidence of appropriate insurance elsewhere. Unlike certain other medical organisations, members working in professional football can be insured by the Society’ s insurance partners for a small additional premium. The rights and privileges for (all) Members, be they insured or uninsured, are exactly the same. 

4.International Insurance Cover

 The Professional Malpractice & Public Liability Insurance offered by The Society of Sports Therapists, unlike that offered by many other organisations, has worldwide territorial cover (excluding Canada and North America).  Therefore, Members are able to practise in other countries, as Sports Therapists, under the insurance scheme offered to Members of the Society.  Furthermore, the fees charged for membership and the Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance is comparable to that paid by members of other allied health professional bodies but, unlike the Society, their insurance does not have worldwide cover, as described previously.  If you are eligible for the Professional Malpractice & Public Liability Insurance, then you know that the cover provided is comprehensive and that it covers you as a Sports Therapist for all of the aspects of Sports Therapy that you have been trained and assessed to undertake.

5.Protecting Member Rights

The Society of Sports Therapists is also there to protect Members rights and interests when things go wrong, which, unfortunately and sadly on occasions they do.  Staffs, Officers and legal advisors to and for The Society of Sports Therapists, are all extremely experienced and available to advise Members when and if appropriate.  They are also frequently involved in discussions with governing bodies, politicians and professional associations, both nationally and internationally, and tirelessly work to ensure that Members are part of an organisation which will give them recognition, status and credibility.

6.Legal and Professional

As a professional organisation within a specialist field, The Society of Sports Therapists is frequently asked for advice and assistance in legal and professional situations which repeatedly reinforce the fact that the Society and its Members are respected and revered for their knowledge, skills and professionalism.  These are attributes that the Society has continually worked to establish and maintain in the 27 years that it has been in existence.  As such, membership of The Society of Sports Therapists is membership of an established, respected and professional organisation that endeavours to provide the best services possible for its membership, for the benefit of not only them but the public and sports participants to whom they provide an essential service, at all levels of the sporting and healthcare spectrum.

7.SST Extra :  Member Benefits

SST Extra is the Society’s commercial Member Benefit programme for members of The Society of Sports Therapists. The Society has partnered with a number of companies offering discount to Society Members across a range of products and services.

       Visit SST Extra and see how you can benefit as a member

Posted: September 09 2013
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