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Member Eligibility

Membership of The Society of Sports Therapists will be open to anyone over the age of 18 who qualifies as follows:

Graduates holding a BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, MSc Sports Therapy or Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Therapy from a University or College with which The Society of Sports Therapists has a collaborative agreement, will be eligible for membership (insured) status. These include Buckinghamshire New, Coventry, Edge Hill, Leeds Beckett (formally Leeds Metropolitan), London Metropolitan, Solent, Birmingham City,Staffordshire and Bournemouth Universities, the Universities of Central Lancashire, Chichester, Derby, East London, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Wales Trinity Saint David, Worcester, Lincoln  plus University College Birmingham, Hartpury College, York College, Portobello Institute at Croke Park (Dublin) and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

Criteria for reapplying for Membership or upgrading from Student Membership

A Sports Therapist who meets the membership criteria in place at the time of applying or reapplying may be given un-insured membership status.  In order to become eligible for insured status they must meet the following criteria:

0-2** years of non-membership                     Evidence of CPD in the interim period

2-5 years of non-membership                        100 hours of logged supervised clinical sports therapy practice

5 or more years of non-membership              200 hours of logged supervised clinical sports therapy practice

*Un-insured Members must contact the CPD Officer for full details of CPD criteria, prior to embarking on this option.

**Graduates from a Society of Sports Therapists accredited programme must show evidence of CPD if applying for insured membership 6 months or more after graduation.

On payment of their annual subscription, eligible Members may opt to pay an additional premium in order that they are covered under The Society of Sports Therapists medical malpractice and public liability insurance scheme.  All Members are bound by the standards of proficiency, conduct, performance and ethics of The Society of Sports Therapists and its Articles of Incorporation.  Members are entitled to use the letters MSST to indicate membership status.

The Society of Sports Therapists has the right to refuse applications for membership or allocate the applicant to a category different to the one applied for, if either qualifications or experience are deemed inappropriate.

Applicants for membership of The Society of Sports Therapists must be in possession of a valid (assessed) first aid certificate.  The course undertaken must include CPR & Basic Life Support.  It must also be assessed and have a validity date.  It must be maintained to retain the right for membership. 

Members are also required to engage in CPD during each membership year and maintain a CPD Portfolio which can be called for at any time.  Members may also be selected annually for CPD auditing and required to provide evidence that they are engaging in CPD at each renewal period, in order to maintain eligibility for Member status.  Members are further encouraged to take an active part in the affairs of the Society and are eligible to vote on issues raised during general meetings, regardless of whether they are insured or un-insured.  Members also have access to the dedicated and restricted Members only area on The Society of Sports Therapists website.

Members working or residing overseas may be required to pay an additional premium in respect of their insurance cover. Further details will be supplied on request.
Membership Fees are due for renewal on 1st July of every year.  All new membership applications, with the exception of Student, are payable on a pro-rata basis, depending on the time of year that the application is made.

A membership application form can be obtained from:

G3 7NY
Tel: 0845 600 2613
Fax: 0141 332 5335
Or send an email via the Contact Us form on this website

Posted: September 09 2013
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