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Bucks New University Students Reap the Benefits of Top Class Placements

Buckinghamshire New University students Marilie Appel and Emma Odeneal have completed a month’s placement at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford as part of their BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy degree programmes. Placements are an integral part of all Society of Sports Therapists’ accredited degree programmes, and so we were particularly delighted to hear all about it.

During their month-long placement, Emma and Marilie had the privilege of working with British Basketball League team Surrey Scorchers and Vitality Netball Super League team Surrey Storm.

The students attended training sessions and Scorchers matches, assisting the team with injury management and training load profiling. The students were also a part of a marketing project for the Sports Park’s new clinic ‘The Treatment Room’, helping to write material for future advertising and experiencing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into setting up a clinic.

Danielle Garfoot, Clinical Manager of Treatment Room at Surrey Sports Park and Lead Therapist for Surrey Storm and Surrey Scorchers said: “This was the first time Surrey Sports Park has offered a full-time Sports Therapy student placement and it was great to have the students from Bucks New University with us for a dedicated period of time.

“It allowed for me to expand the areas in which our previously part-time students have worked, and include them in our Performance meetings, spend some time alongside our S&C coaches and get involved with the administration and marketing side of running a private sports injury clinic.

“It also meant Marilie and Emma were able to build a rapport with therapists and athletes alike, progressively increasing their role in the treatment plan. It was a pleasure to work with such proactive students and made me very excited about supporting students and developing our partnership with Bucks New University and other universities in the future.”

Emma said she particularly enjoyed the sessions with the basketball team as she herself loves to play.

She added: “We were certainly kept busy as the injuries among all the teams and players were very diverse. One great point of the placement was the interaction we enjoyed with the players on a daily basis and this helped to grow our understanding of each individual and in turn the injuries they were suffering with.

“One particular injury to a basketball player’s shoulder caused a palpable change in the player’s mood and personality, which is also something to keep in mind.

Marilie said: “Alongside the basketball and netball teams, the placement allowed us to work within Surrey Sports Park’s clinic, which meant working with the public, complete pitch-side and taping with the University of Surrey sports teams and injury assessment and treatment for Team Surrey.

“I found the most enjoyable thing of the placement was the constant variety of people and injuries. Every day brought something new and interesting to learn, especially learning about the admin and organisation that goes on behind the scenes to make a successful clinic.”

Marilie and Emma said special thanks to Danielle Garfoot and Gemma Hendry at Surrey Sports Park for overseeing them for a month and to Neal Reynolds, Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy at Bucks New University, for organising the opportunity.

“We look forward to this new relationship between Surrey and Bucks to grow and develop further in the future,” added the pair.

Sports Therapy students at  Bucks New have also enjoyed placements at Watford FC Academy, Beaconsfield Town FC, High Wycombe Rugby Club, Halsa Care Group, and Loughborough University.,

Editor’s Notes:

We would love to hear from any other students who have been on placements and have been inspired by their experience 

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