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Quebec Provides Great Experience for University of Essex Student, Cameron Tarr

University of Essex Lecturer Colm Gregory, who teaches on the BSc(Hons) Sports Therapy Degree talked to us about some of his students who, as part of their Undergraduate course, are spending a year abroad. We caught up with Cameron Tarr who is gaining some fantastic experience in Canada.

Where are you based ?
I am in Sherbrooke*, Quebec and I’m studying at Bishop's University.  

What are you doing there?
I am undertaking academic studies as part of my year abroad for my Sports Therapy degree at the University of Essex and I’ve been picking up some great knowledge in a variety of subjects.
I am also doing a placement with the Sports Medicine team where I have been helping the Gaiter's** sports teams and I have also recently started to spend time in the Sports Medicine clinic. 

Tell us a little about things you have been involved in to date
When I arrived in Sherbrooke in September I covered the Gaiter's Football team through their season; that was in my first semester. I helped both at training and matches at home and travelling to away games as well. This then crossed over into my second semester where I have been spending time with the Gaiter's Basketball team and I will be continuing with this until the end of April.

I have been learning from the Sports Medicine team helping with the various roles that an Athletic Therapist undertakes.  These include taping, pitch-side treatment and general post-match treatments. I have also been spending time in the Sports Medicine clinic helping with the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes.

How are you enjoying the experience?
It has been great experiencing what it is like to be working as an Athletic Therapist.  I have been able to get some hands-on experience at a very high university standard and in two sports where I have had no previous involvement.

Within the clinic it has been great to observe the day-to-day running of a clinic whilst having access to some of the modalities and specialist equipment. It has also been great to immerse myself in a different culture where the majority of the area is French speaking with so many differences to what I am used to back home.

I have met some great people and have been fortunate enough to see some great places!

* Sherbrooke is a city in southern Quebec and lies 150 km east of Montreal
*If you would like to find out how the sports teams became known as the Gaiters follow this link:

Editor’s Note:
Congratulations to Cameron –someone who is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone and clearly gaining a rich learning experience as a result.

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