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What is Continuing Professional Development?

The systematic maintenance, improvement and extension of professional, technical and therapeutic knowledge and skills, ensuring the continued development of the personal qualities and professional knowledge necessary for the safe and effective practice of sports therapy Continuing Professional Development is

Many organisations, including governments, have recognised the need for practitioners to take steps to maintain their competence to practice. One of the avenues available to Sports Therapists to maintain this competence to practise is by embarking on a process of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This process should be viewed as a long - term commitment embracing the concept of lifelong learning. Engagement in CPD can maintain, enhance and broaden professional knowledge, beginning from initial qualification and remaining for the duration of their professional life.


C P D enables Members of The Society of Sports Therapists to remain competent to develop, grow and fulfil their potential at all stages of their professional life. It enables professional organisations to ensure that practitioners are engaged in activities that maintain and improve professional standards and patient care.

Benefits of C P D

Engagement in C P D enables Members of The Society of Sports Therapists to demonstrate their commitment to keeping up to date with new knowledge and developments whilst ensuring safe and effective practice. It offers Members of The Society of Sports Therapists accountability for their own professional development at all stages of their professional life. It will demonstrate a commitment to best practice. This best practice is an essential concept with regards to the protection of the public.

CPD activities

Numerous activities can be considered as contributing to Continuing Professional Development. These activities can be categorised into informal (self-managed) activities such as reading scientific journals or formal (structured) activities such as attending conferences. Listed below are selections of activities that can be considered as C P D. Whatever, and regardless of the nature of the activity chosen there must be clear learning objectives related to the Members professional role and their development as a Sports Therapist – examples of appropriate CPD are:

  • Short courses, workshops and seminars, or similar events relevant to Sports Therapy, where there is an active contribution or the opportunity to question the course presenters.
  • Conferences and exhibitions, or similar events, relevant to Sports Therapy.
  • Post registration studies in Sports Therapy or related subjects, which are assessed and lead to certification such as higher degrees, diplomas, and other appropriately accredited qualifications.
  • Professional activities and meetings which broaden and develop the individual e.g. specialist panel/group activities and practical workshops
  • The dissemination of knowledge and specialist skills whilst addressing conferences and symposia in Sports Therapy or related subjects. Lecturing (for those not employed as academics) in formal programmes or other educational environments
  • The reading of articles, journals and scientific papers which initiate the preparation of a brief synopsis of the content and how it will impact on Sports Therapists and will affect or change their knowledge and practice.

Finally, all Members of The Society of Sports Therapists are required to undertake an annual programme of CPD in order to fulfil the criteria for membership.

Posted: September 09 2013
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